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5 Tips to Maximize Your Photo Booth Experience

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Photo Booth Experience



Congratulations on the decision to have "Let's Celebrate photo booth" at your event! Your guests are going to love it. 

There are a few simple tips to keep in mind to maximize your photo booth experience and ensure everyone enjoys it.

Ask, "What Kind of Experience Do I Want for My Guests?"

Is your photo booth a place to capture dry head shots or a place to let people relax, let loose, and have fun? Encourage people to be as silly as they'd like to let their personalities shine through in each photo. On the day of your event, be ready to jump in and get the first photos to show your guests what it's all about.

Plan Ahead

Talk to your event planner and decide on the best time to feature your photo booth. It doesn't make sense to set it up when guests are focused on something else. Does it fit best during the cocktail hour? Dinner? Dancing? Or should you have it set up for the entire event?

Spread the Word

Let your guests know you have a photo booth, otherwise some of them might leave at the end of the event without even realizing it was there. You can put a little note on the invitations, add our link www.letscelebratephotobooth.com to an online event page, or mention it on the programs or within a speech during your event.

Purchase a Guestbook Photo Album

This is a much cooler version of the traditional guestbook you see at weddings and other events. In your guestbook photo album, your guests can leave the pictures they took in the photo booth along with personalized messages. Everyone will enjoy flipping through it, and years from now, you'll treasure it much more than a simple book full of signatures.

Embrace Your Theme

If you've chosen a theme, let us know! Our goal is to help you make your event a success, so we'll do our best to accommodate your request and tie the photo booth in with your theme. We can also suggest a few theme ideas if you'd like a jump-start, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about having a photo booth at your event.


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